The Iranian pipe market website is the largest in the field of pipe and fittings industry in Iran. The head office is located in the historic city of Isfahan. This website is owned by Mr. Gogonani, who has been in large-scale producing and selling of pipes and fittings in Iran for many years. Mr. Gogonani began his activity in 2007 with the establishment of a trading company in the field of large-scale distribution of building installations and expanded his work by the establishment of the Iranian pipe market in 2016.
The Iranian pipe market website services
The website does not sell pipe and fittings online, but the goal is to announce the price of the products of the companies active in the pipe and fittings industry in Iran. Many consumers are unaware of the actual prices of the goods in the pipe and fittings market, which causes them to suffer in the market. All companies can subscribe for free on the Iranian pipe market website and insert the list price of their products.
The social networking pages of the Iranian pipe market website, with thousands of followers, are a good place to inform products from various companies.
Other services of the Iranian pipe market
1. Companies that wish to display their contact information on their company page and on other pages of the site can benefit from this service at the cost specified in their user section.
2. On all pages of the site, there are registration forms on which the site visitors place their order on the site for free. The contact details of these advertisements are displayed only to the special members of the site who paid the relevant fee.
3. The Iranian pipe market software (Windows and Android) has the ability to declare online and offline the prices of products from various companies.